Miles FargoCommissioned through discord

I could not be happier with the experience of working with Martin on my character portrait. That’s what it is, collaboration; I was included in the process from start to finish. With each draft he had new questions, and I eagerly welcomed the chance to take part. From the beginning I could sense a clear investment on his end, and am certain this is a passion he does not take for granted. I highly recommend a commission from this extraordinary human and artist, Martin Peder.
– Primus Legate Evocatus Dux Diomikato Aquila Aurix Bask of Onyx Eagle Legio XIX (Character name)

Jeroen BrouwerCommissioned through discord

Very pleased with his work. Very professional and easy to talk to. Took his time to get a feel for what i wanted. And the result smashed my expectations. Will definitely be asking for other commissions from him in the future.

Desmond Commissioned through discord

I provided Martin with several reference images for the vistage of the character and Martin expressed excitement at the inspiration. He then independently sought additional visual references keeping the themes I had shown an interest in.

I was fortunate enough to be able to view the process live and that allowed me to give feedback quickly. This feedback was received promptly and incorporated using artistic understandings I lacked, thus aiding the evolution of my concept. Two days of work and the line art was completed. Martin checked with me to guarantee my desires for the likeness were met – they were – and then began rendering in colour the following day.

The colour gradient from the lighting was more than I could have hoped for. It added a sense of drama to a static image by using contrast of vibrant reds to cold purples and blue in a way I couldn’t have conceived on my own.

When given the final version, I asked that the image be adjusted slightly to add additional details matching the markings on the character’s face to the arms and hand. The comment was acted on and a version with additional detail was shown to me within half an hour.

Having spoken in detail, let me conclude by simply saying;

This artist is easy to communicate with, listens to feedback and will give you something far more interesting than you had originally imagined. I am pleased, to say the least.

Sean SmithCommissioned through discord

Working with Martin is incredibly pleasant, Not only did he provide professional service, I enjoyed speaking with him on a personal level, and he maintained a consistent level of enthusiasm and interest in the project I set before him. I would recommend Martin on these merits alone, but his style, attention to detail, and eye for color led to an end result beyond my most optimistic expectations. I provided Martin with a ton of detail, some of which did not naturally work well together, but ultimately the illustration was balanced, while maintaining all elements I expressed importance too.

He provided me with an exceptional portrait, at what I would consider a price much below its worth. I will be commissioning him again in the near future for another character concept that I would love to see in his style!